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Black Welsh Mountain are an easy to manage small breed with a natural resistance to disease. They will graze well on rough grazing but are also happy on the lowlands or a smallholding. They are prolific and undemanding, hardy and self-reliant.
They produce premium quality, lean meat with an excellent meat to bone ratio and a full flavour. The key attributes of the breed are: Prolificacy, Excellent maternal characteristics, Fast growth, Easy keeping nature, Quality meat, Resistance to fly attack, Resistance to foot infections and unsoundness. Taken together, these attributes make the Breed ideal for both the smallholder and the commercial producer. The wool is black, short, thick and firm to handle and it does not require dyeing. When cured, the rich, deep-pile black fleeced skins are in demand as floor rugs and chair backs. It is most suitable for making-up into cloth which is durable, light and warm. The breed produces premium quality meat. The grain is close and the bone is light with a very favourable meat to bone ratio. The small joints, so popular today, are full of succulent, lean meat and with a minimum of wasteful fat. The meat is rich in colour and full of flavour. 

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